The Rules  

Please take your the time to read this.

Always credit.
Do not hotlinking. Please save any icons in your own server.
By no reason you can't edit my icons. DO NOT think that icons without text aren't bases:
You can't put my icons in your fansite without my permission.
Do not claim them as your own work.

Please give visible credit for using the graphics or resources I provide. Even just a small link on the side is fine. If there already is a watermark, do not remove it. Do not take credit for work you did not do.

Copy and pasting the direct image link is a
NO I have unlimited bandwidth (Remember this isn't my host), please upload the graphics provided onto your own server (or other sites such as, etc. which allow you to upload for free).

Everything provided on this website, is my work (graphics, icons, etc.)


Please if you're taking my icons credit me for them. I want sharing my icons, so please give me the credit, of that way the people will know where they came from.
You can use these icons on livejournal, blogs, forums and personal sites but please give me the credit.
You can use any of the following links:

My Exile (my blog): 

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