Have a decent amount of graphics and coding knowledge. I don't want to have to explain how to place and image on a webpage to you.
Make graphics either equal or higher to my own in status:3!
Have a good attitude and enjoy yourself, I don't want updating to turn into a job.
I must like your website.

Link Exchange  

Link exchange (LE) is always open! and must fulfill the Expectations

Open to blogs, graphics, portfolios, and resource sites or similar site to mine.
Requires a link back on one page.
Your website's main content can be in English or Spanish.

Affiliation Rules  

Your site should be an icon, resource, or design site. I don't really care what the subject of it is, so long as the type of site is similar to mine.
Contact from time to time is appreciated.
Frequent updates are totally needed. Maybe every 2-3 months or can be more, but no more than 6 months. I can understand if you get busy or things come up.
You need a button (direct linkable) of 88x31 pixels. Please provide me of the URL with the form.
You need to put my link somewhere visible and display it on every page of your site, like your sidebar or in your advertising. The link can be a button or a text link.
Broken links will be deleted.
Your website's main content can be in English or Spanish.
If you have problems with the form please, send me an e-mail to: colorboxart@ymail.com

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