Welcome to my COLORBOX. This web as you know is my Icon Collective, where you can find icons of all my fandoms, especially anime series and perhaps tutorials (someday I'll have to post some ;D). Please, read The Rules of use before of taking any icon. And the most important thing take care & come back soon <3!

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02 Feb 2015
  THX!!!!! for the 8.500+ Visits I love you all ❤~ Im soo happy :D!!! for all thx soo much for you love~~ and for your vote :D at the Topsite The Flamboyant.net ❤ thx too all my new affis~ they are soo sweet and and and I hope the family gets bigger~

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24 Jan 2015
   Hi there~ I hope you are all oki and having a great time :D~ I have a new little update for today :D!!!! of Colorings YAY!!!!! XD No... im not a machine of colorings~ what happen it's I was layin on my bed thinking what to do :3~ and I remeber I have an old backup of my old pc~ soo i decide to have an look and i find a lots of colorings I did years ago :O!!!! sooo why not XD I was like "Uhmmm~ what if i put them at ColorBox" sooo I sit on my chair and start editing and fix them a little before update still they have some details but I hope you like them~

  Soo~ the update goes like that Colorings (19): Bleach (4), Gokinjo Monogatari (7), Nana (1), xxxHolic (3), Ouran Koukou Host Club (2), Paradise Kiss (1), Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (1). Well you all can see that there's new sections to for coloring ;3 enjoy them!!!

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22 Jan 2015
   Hi!!!!!!!! this is a short fast update O: we have a new Affi~ Vizune~ *-* welcum to the family hun~ <3~

   Oki o.o i was thinking "I know this is an Icon web but.... what if i add something more"~ soo i took a decision to upload my Colorings!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O: soo now we will have a coloring section, for now theres not much just Naruto (26) and Bleach (10) I hope you like them... IM NOT TAKING REQUEST for now DX!!!! sorry D: but I will do eventually, the reason its coz I dont use my own caps~ I use t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i and Hold the Bridge Up soo if you want any cap go there~ but plz give credit for what you take.

  Soo feel free to go and watch the new content xoxoxoxoxox luv you all!!!!!!~~~

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21 Jan 2015
  :A new update~~ idk how many icons i make hahaha but i hope you love them like I do~ we have a new affi to~ Fantajibijon~.

  I reformat the CLAMP section for now~ now its call Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, coz just have Tsubasa icons... and we have a new section to! for Card Captor Sakura, I put this animes on their own section coz I think they deserve it~.

  The web now has a GuestBook :D! where you can live messeges or you can do too at it heach post where it says "Dreams" o: :3... the emoticons are not working idk why >: but i will try to fix it soon~

  Sooo now the update~ has 100 icons in total: Bleach (13), BSSM (24), Card Captor Sakura (15), Naruto (22), Saint Seiya (22), Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (4).

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